University of Portland Revisited

It’s that time of the year again, students are returning to U of P to start a new year of: long classes, last-minute exam cramming, all-day Sunday homework marathons, and some of the best parties on the planet. We happened to be in the area yesterday, and decided to visit our alma mater while the rest of undergraduates were moving back in. Surprisingly it was not nearly as crazy as I remember it being. There were chalk markings and signs everywhere welcoming students back to your their “home” dorms, books stacked high in the bookstore, and boxes everywhere. It definitely re-ignited that college desire within, now if only I could negotiate college to include my current salary. Continue reading “University of Portland Revisited”

Business Transformation: Working With Management Consultancy in London

This post is my experience with management consultancy from London and why I decided to work with a London-based company that does business transformation. As you all know, I’m a technology freak who loves to create his own entrepreneurial projects and make some money from it. That’s why I got into start-ups. The fact is, however, creating something meaningful that has a potential to satisfy the right demand and generate profit isn’t easy if you just work alone.

This is where business process improvement firms come in handy. If you hire the right company, which is what I did by working with Elevate2, you can drastically improve your business.  Continue reading “Business Transformation: Working With Management Consultancy in London”

Has Technology Kept Its Promise?

Moving in ever-faster and faster paces, racing to achieve ever more at dizzying speeds even as technology threatens to outpace our very mental capacity, something is missing, as I observe humanity.

Oh, at the beginning the theory is seductive. Let’s make a machine that could perform our employment in half some time! We can be employed in the morning and play from the afternoon. This is very rewarding in principle, except it can be rarely practiced. Once that amazing whiz-bang machine is built, it’s run 24/7, working employees to the bone, so we can produce a gazillion times more in a fraction of the time no! By all rights there ought to be considerably more people loafing. Or otherwise, having a superior quality of life. However they are they? Continue reading “Has Technology Kept Its Promise?”

Holiday Cottages in North Wales Is Where I’ll Have A Break!

Hi folks, quick update from my life which will affect the blog. I’m taking a break starting in a few days and I’m heading to North Wales and will spend my time in a few different holiday cottages.

Holiday Cottages In North Wales, I’m Coming!

Why North Wales? Simply because I think it’s a beautiful place that everyone should check out. I also need a break from the digital world to kind of sort out a few personal things.

A friend of mine, Derek, recommended me North Wales holiday cottages ( ) so I decided that I’ll go for it instead of living in a hotel.

I’m going there with my girlfriend Jessica who knows plenty of people in North Wales so we’ll have plenty of fun there! She also knows the owner of one of the holiday cottages so this should land us a decent discount, haha! Continue reading “Holiday Cottages in North Wales Is Where I’ll Have A Break!”

Best Option IMO: Buy Wholesale To Save More Money

How are big firms and big corporate companies able to economize on his or her electrical products and supplies? Why do these organizations will not get this sort of high bill onfixtures and replacements, maintenance etc. In order to make sure that they are able to complete their work efficiently, Ordering a large supply of electrical products can be expensive, especially for professional electricians who have to order a large amount of tools and devices.

That’s why you should use reliable companies (my personal recommendation) like electrical wholesalers Rochdale who offer a wide range of products.

Buying electrical wholesale equipment might be less costly than buying bulk from high-street shops. Continue reading “Best Option IMO: Buy Wholesale To Save More Money”

My experience with ThinkInkSol And Seeing My Old Friend in Manchester

I visited Manchester a week ago and it was a cool trip. I’ve met my old friend Rekash and we had a great time.

Manchester is a beautiful city full of cool places to visit. If you plan to visit United Kingdom, make sure you check out Manchester.

One of my friends in Manchester works for ThinkInkSol in the large format printer inks sector and I was able to have a little look at what they do. The company provides a wide range of products and services for ink jet applications. Generally, it was great to see how a printing company works. Continue reading “My experience with ThinkInkSol And Seeing My Old Friend in Manchester”

4 Easy Ways To Come Up With An Amazing Business Idea

This is a post written by my friend from China, Mae. Please show her some love even if her language isn’t the best.

Different business opportunities and Ideas are described online daily.

Virtually all aspiring entrepreneurs seek out viable businesses online. But just how do you actually make a sustainable, practical and feasible business idea? Continue reading “4 Easy Ways To Come Up With An Amazing Business Idea”

A Few Cents On The Technology

I just said hello but it’s already a second post. Hopefully I’ll keep this pace. modern world is developing in an extremely hectic way. Every single day countless briliant ideas pop up in heads of smart or lucky people and once executed by the right team, they turn into huge businesses like Facebook, Whatsapp or Virtalis(haha, yeah I’m a bit of a Virtual Reality Addict). Continue reading “A Few Cents On The Technology”